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An Overview Of Sicily – Your 3 Minute Guide

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It’s difficult to truly get an overview of Sicily without spending a little time experiencing the island’s unique culture and atmosphere for yourself. However, that’s what we’re going to try to do here.

The unique culture of Sicily cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Throughout the last several thousand years, Sicily has found itself ruled by a large number of different countries. Sicily has been conquered and controlled by many world powers of yesteryear including the Greeks, Arabs, Romans, and even the Normans at one
point in time.

Every time a new power conquered Sicily, an element of that culture was rubbed off onto the Sicilian people. While getting an overview of Sicily, it’s important to realize that since Sicily was ruled by so many different countries, the Sicilian culture is simply a hodgepodge of many ancient cultures.

The Italians are very fond of their cuisine, for which they are now famous throughout the world. Indeed, Sicily’s food and drink are reason enough to draw countless tourists to the island every year, as every city and town has it’s own unique dishes and authentic delicacies.

Segesta-TempleThe historical value of the island is also important to take note of when getting an overview of Sicily. Indeed, nearly every city and town has several historical landmarks that you should be sure to visit. Old churches, narrow cobblestone streets, winding staircases and breathtaking views are littered throughout nearly every town on the Island.

The town of Taormina, while also famous for the Taormina movie festival held in an ancient Roman theater, is an important place to visit if you are truly hoping to get an overview of Sicily. The town is built on a hilltop, with a cable car leading down to the beach below. The medical air of this town captures visitors with awe, and is a good
representation of what visitors to Sicily will experience throughout the island.

Again, it’s difficult to get an overview of Sicily without actually visiting it, so make sure and put this destination on your “top ten places to travel to” list. You won’t be disappointed!

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