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Experience the Nightlife in Sicily

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Since there’s so much to do in Sicily, it’s important to decide on a few elements of the island that you want to experience before you actually travel there.

If you’re looking to experience everything that Sicily has to offer, you’re going to want to do more than just visit Mount Etna and the Aeolian Islands. We know that you may not want to go out and party every night, there will be some nights where you want to stay in and watch TV or play about at Poker dk. On the nights where you do want to go out, you want to know where to go to have the best time. In this article, we’ll talk about the Sicily nightlife experience.

In Sicily, the nightlife activity starts in April, and ends around the middle of October. During this time, you’ll find it very difficult to get into clubs. The most popular nightlife centers in Sicily are in Catania, Parlermo, Taormina, as well as in Agrigento.

Because of the variety of the night life found in Sicily, visitors and tourists can select according to their likes and taste. Do you like loud music and flashing lights? You’ll be able to find it quite easily. If you like something a little more “upper class,” you’ll be able to find that as well, as Sicily nightlife includes many open-late cafes, pubs and restaurants in cozy street corners.

In Palmero, the central streets can almost be considered one massive nightclub in the summertime, and if you want to dance, feel free to head over to Palmero’s Kursall Kalhesa, which has been labeled the best night club in Palmero for several years now.

Though Catania doesn’t offer the same level of night life excitement as does Palmero, it still has a good number of places to relax. After midnight, stop by the Quattro Venti restaurant, which has one of the greatest dancing halls in the city.

No matter your tastes, likes and dislikes, you’ll be in good shape in Sicily, especially if you are in one of the bigger cities. If you don’t like the vibe of one night club, just go to the next one! No matter your plans when vacationing in Sicily, make sure not to miss out on the Sicily nightlife experience!

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