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Sicily Restaurants – How To Experience Sicily’s Finest Cuisine

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So you’re planning a trip to Sicily. You’ve set aside your dates, you’ve got a few places that you like to visit, now it’s time to nail down a few restaurants to stop by.

Obviously, you are not going to skip out on the Sicily restaurants, so that’s what we are going to take a look at here in the next few paragraphs.

Sicily restaurants and Italian cuisine are famous around the world for their exquisite flavors. Indeed, the Italian passion for food, fine wines and cheeses is echoed throughout every town in Sicily and in the mainland of Italy where each village has their own unique twist on their own favorites Italian delicacies.

Sicily restaurants usually center their cooking around rich fresh ingredients using red tomatoes, olive oil, lentils, meatballs, and sweet cheeses. For local recipes, you will find ricotta to be a very common ingredient. Marsala wine is also frequently utilized in Sicilian recipes to enhance the flavor of the ingredients.

One of the most common dishes that you will find in Sicily restaurants is the caponata. This dish is an antipasto (basically, a pesto) with tomatoes, celery, olives and capers. Because most of the villages in Sicily have their own variation on traditional dishes, this is one Italian delicacy you will definitely want to to try.

Another dish that you will find at Sicily restaurants is the pignolata pastry. This dish is a sweet dumpling coated with chocolate, shaped into a cone and held together by caramel and liqueur.

So check out the caponata and the pignolata for yourself. Sure we can make pasta, lasagna and garlic bread on our own, but it’s just not quite the same. Visiting and eating at Sicily restaurants is one of the joys of vacationing on this island, so make not sure to skip this treat!

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