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Discover the Roman treasures of Sicily

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Sicily enjoys a significant position right in the heart of the Mediterranean region, which has allowed for settlers and conquerors from the medieval Normans, Aragonese Spanish, Moorish North Africans, ancient Greeks, Phoenicians, and Romans to come here and thrive. What few people know is that Sicily’s Roman ruins are on par with the ruins of [...]

Golfing In Sicily – Our 2 Most Popular Courses

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Golfing in Sicily is an incredible experience. Where else can you enjoy the climate, culture and the best of Italian cuisine in the heart of the Mediterranean? In this article, we’ll talk about golfing in Sicily, and we’ll take a moment to look at two of the most popular golf courses in Sicily. Specifically, we’re [...]

Tourist Attractions In Sicily – Your 2 Minute “Crash-Course”

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So you’re looking for the best tourist attractions in Sicily? Well pull up a chair and buckle down because that’s exactly what we’re about to look at. If you’ve purchased a Sicily guide book, you’re no doubt somewhat overwhelmed, as well you should be. Sicily simply has so many “must see” locations, that it’s impossible [...]