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The 3 Biggest Tourist Activities In Sicily

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If you are looking for tourist activities in Sicily, you’ve probably already realized that you’re facing an incredibly tough task. Indeed, you’ve probably found so many “must sees,” that you’ve realized that it’s going to be impossible to do justice to all of them within a 2 week stay on the Island.

Well, have no fear, because we’re about to run through the top three tourist activities in Sicily. We’re going to start with the town of Taormina, we’ll move on to Mount Etna, then we’ll finish up with the town of Catania. Ready? Let’s get started.

Like all the towns in Sicily, Taormina has it’s own unique atmosphere. This town is literally build on, and around a hilltop. While this town is now known for the Taormina movie festival which is held here every summer, it’s also known for it’s “medieval vibe” that captures it’s visitors with awe.

Mount Etna, commonly referred to as the “Etna Volcano,” is the tallest active volcano in Europe, and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sicily. Known for it’s scenic beauty, Etna offers visitors a breathtaking view of the ocean and surrounding landscapes, a crater to hike through, and even skiing and snowboarding.

sicilian-landscapeWhile many tourists like to avoid the big cities and stick with the small towns of Sicily, dismissing the city of Catania would be doing a disservice to yourself. Located at the east coast of the Island, it’s very near Mount Etna. While visiting this city, make sure to seek out the city’s well known authentic cuisine, which is unique to itself.

So there you have three of the most popular tourist activities in Sicily. Visiting the town of Taormina, experiencing the views of the Etna volcano, and tasting the cuisine of Catania. Plan your trip today, and place these three destinations at the top of your “must visit” list. You won’t be disappointed!

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