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The Best Sicily Hotels And Resorts

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Looking for the best Sicily hotels and resorts?  3-stars, 4-stars or 5-stars, it’s your choice!

So you’re traveling to Italy and you are looking for Sicily hotels are resorts? Well pull up a chair because that’s what we are going to be spending the next few minutes talking about.

Not only is Sicily actively being visited by out-of-country and out-of-continent tourists, Sicily is also one of the primary holiday spots for local Italians living in the mainland of Italy, as well as Europeans living in countries to the north. Sicily offers extraordinarily breathtaking beaches, crystal-clear water, golfing, and of course, pristine Sicily hotels and resorts.

With an area of over twenty five thousand square kilometers, Sicily offers its visitors countless opportunities for exploration and excitement. Indeed, if you’ve purchased a Sicily travel guide, you’ve probably been overwhelmed with your options, and you’ve probably realized that you aren’t going to be able to visit all the “must sees” within a 1 week vacation.

However, selecting Sicily hotels and resorts that are at the center of many tourist attractions is the first step to seeing everything that you want to see, and experiencing everything you want to experience. If you want a hotel in an area like this, you are going to want to stay at a hotel or resort in Palermo.

Hotels in Palermo are among the best, and most expensive hotels on the island. Rooms at the hotels in this city must be booked well in advance as they’re usually filled at peak seasons. The 4 and 5 star Sicily hotels and resorts in this area include the Hotel Villa Igiea Hilton, Hotel Torres Artale Relais, and the Hotel Mondello Palace. If you’re not up for the expenses of a 4 or 5 star hotel, there are also 3 star options such as the Hotel Gallery House, Hotel Palm Beach and the Hotel Azzolini.

Remember, if you’re looking for Sicily hotels and resorts, make sure to book well in advance!

One other point to consider, if you are travelling as a large family or group it might be cheaper to go self catering and rent a holiday home. There are plenty of well equiped luxury holiday villas in Sicily, many with their own private pool. If cost is an issue then this is probably your best value option.

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