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The Culture And Traditions Of Sicily

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Sicily isn’t all about the Etna volcano, Catania or it’s touristy sights. Sure these play a large part of what makes for the unique Sicilian experience, but the true elements that contribute to the what makes this island unique are the culture and traditions of Sicily.

The culture and traditions of Sicily have been shaped to what it is now through it’s many different ruling world-powers of the last several thousand years.

Sicily has been ruled by the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and even the Normans at one point. Each of these ruling powers have all had their own unique culture, which has rubbed off onto the Sicilians. Because of this, the culture and traditions of Sicily have become of hodgepodge of different European cultures. Over time, this hodgepodge of European cultures has become known and recognized as unique to Sicily.

While traveling throughout Sicily, you will quickly realize that Sicily’s culture has a strong root in food in wines. Like the mainland of Italy, Sicilians are well known for their passion of fine Italian delicacies. Each city and town has their own unique twist on these delicacies, causing food and wine to be reason in and of itself to visit Sicily.

One of the more popular traditions, while not necessarily rooted in Sicily, lies in the Taormina movie festival, which is held every summer in the hill top town of Taormina, in an ancient Roman Theatre. The town of Taormina is also known for it’s narrow streets, winding steps, old churches, and views of the beaches below. A cable car also runs from this town down to the beaches below.

The unique culture and traditions of Sicily must be experienced to be described, so make sure to plan your vacation around some of the most famous culture-rich locations of Sicily to experience the culture and traditions of Sicily for yourself!

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