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What About The Sicily Climate And Weather?

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The famous Sicily climate and weather is among the most beautiful climates in the world. Because of the island’s location in the warm Mediterranean, Sicily experiences warm pleasant summers, as well as wet winters.

In this article, we’ll look at the Sicily climate and weather. To be more exact, we’re going to look at the two climates that Sicily can be divided into — The climate of the mountains, and the climate of the coast.

Ready? Let’s get started.

First, let’s take a look at the climate of the mountains.

Obviously, the mountains of Sicily are located towards the middle of the island, and away from the coasts. Because of the elevation of the mountains, as well as the location of the island in the Mediterranean Sea, the mountains experience large amounts of rainfall during the winter months. Though this is good for vegetation and livestock, most tourists and visitors prefer to stay away from the mountains during
the winter.

Next, let’s take a look at the climate of the coast

Lipari-SicilyThough the beaches of Sicily still experience rain, the coast is generally much drier than the mountains of Sicily. The climate of the coast is sunny and warm during the summer, and cool and wet during the winter. Because of this, tourists will often come to the coast during the winter. When the winter draws to an end, and when temperatures begin to rise, tourists will often begin to move towards the mountains where the weather is more pleasant.

Obviously, there are a number of different factors that influence the Sicily climate and weather conditions. However, Sicily can be generally divided up into these two climates.

If you are planning on traveling to Sicily and are hoping to avoid the crowds, keep this in mind — The mountains will be more crowded during the summer, and the coast will be more crowded during the winter. Take the Sicily climate and weather into consideration while planning your trip, particularly if you are planning on renting a holiday home. Remember that holiday villas in Sicily don’t always have adequate heating and so may be uncomfortable out of the summer season, especially during the night when it can get quite cold.

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