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What You NEED To Know About The Sicily Beaches

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The island of Sicily is known for many things. It’s well known for it’s authentic cuisine, the beautiful views, the old churches, the historical towns, and of course, the amazing beaches.

The beaches of Sicily are one of the main attractions of the Island that most visitors and tourists come to experience. Of course, beaches aren’t hard to find, since it is after all, an Island.

One of the most famous beaches in Sicily is the Conigli Bay. This beach is surrounded by large cliffs, and features large pools of clear water. Since sea-turtles come to these pools of water to lay their eggs, people cannot actually swim here, but they can still enjoy the view.

Another one of the most popular beaches in Sicily is the Cala Francese beach, which lies toward the western coast of the island. The quarries of this beach are said to have supplied the granite that was used in the construction of the Port of Genoa and Alexandria.

Iatly Cefalu BeachIf you truly want to experience the best beaches that Sicily has to offer, you should also make it a point to travel to the Aeolian Islands. This cluster of islands lies within the Tyrrhenian sea, and attracts over two hundred thousand visitors per year. Though some of the more well known beaches in Sicily can get incredibly crowded during the summer, some of the smaller beaches on these islands remain open and largely undiscovered.

Since the Aeolian Islands have such a large number of beaches, it’s usually not difficult to find a beach that isn’t crowded.

If you don’t mind the crowds of the Sicilian beaches, make sure to check out Cala Francese, and the Conigli Bay. However, if you want to get away from the crowds, do yourself a favor and check out the beaches of the Aeolian Islands.

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